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Magnetiq Bank is a B2B bank from Latvia which provides banking infrastructure for companies.

The bank has been in existence for 15 years and has extensive impact on the banking industry.

However, the stakeholders of the bank have changed, so our task was to create a new brand that helps attract new clients.

Brand strategy

We started with market analysis and talked to people who use banks for their business.

We asked the question:

What do people think about banks?

People don’t like banks

They don’t have any questions about their products

But they have a lot of questions about their behavior

A few clients said:

B2B bank usually says in their communication about:

While the bank talks about their advantages, clients just need

Better experience working with a bank

We talked with existing clients of the bank, and they said they really appreciate when the bank tries to help them.

Magnetiq is already client-centric and exceeds the expectations of customers.
We are flexible and ready to change.

That’s why working with us, you’ll

Get a better collaboration experience

*Positioning is your promise to consumers. It's the single statement that captures the true nature of Magnetiq bank.

While others say similar messages, we will differentiate ourselves with our approach

Banking infrastructure for business

Use fully regulated banking infrastructure, grow your products and get a better collaboration experience with us.


We would like to create an international brand name that evokes emotions, raises questions, evokes associations, describes the main brand idea, and is easy to remember.

Magnetiq bank

Collaboration with a bank it’s not always a good experience. But we follow another approach. 

We work together with our clients as a one team. It comes from the words magnet and describe our approach working with companies.

We call it “magnetic collaboration”. We not only provide services, we trully collaborate with clients, improving technolgy and offer better experience. That’s why we have been working with clients for years. 

Communication strategy

Tha main task for communication is to launch a new brand on the market, attract new clients, and create plan for daily marketing.

We identify main channels and task for each channel:

As our auidience is a startup founders, they have a choice, what to read and what to watch.

So we fight for their attantation. We not only compete with the same B2B banks, but also with big media, like New York Times, BBC finance, etc.

That’s why our goal is:

to create a non boring media about banking and finance

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