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While others talk about alternative smoking, we won't. People smoke because they enjoy it, finding relaxation and pleasure in it. Only those who wish to quit smoking or don't smoke at all consider the harm it causes.

We conducted an audience study, which shows that the primary audience for e-cigarettes is young people aged 18 to 24 years, who smoke more frequently.

who is the core audience?

Young people who are loyal to electronic devices and smoke occasionally

what do we know about them

For our audience, smoking is a way to solve problems because life is difficult. They often feel they need to make decisions, and even when everything seems fine today, they anticipate challenges tomorrow.

but how to develop a relax strategy in the future?

become a brand which tell the truth, openness helps brands get closer to the audience and remove all questions.


Before the design phase, we set two tasks:
- To reflect relaxation.
- To make it visible on the shelves in the supermarket.

We have created "Guys" that reflect the state of relaxation.



The taste can be felt visually

The task of packaging is to showcase the taste. The color changes depending on the flavor, and for each flavor, there are its own "guys.”



Given the limitations on promoting e-cigarettes, we proposed creating our bar.It will serve as a place for relaxation, a gathering of friends, serving delicious cocktails, and hosting parties.

To enhance recognizability and promote the U-POD brand's mission, we will utilize User-Generated Content (UGC).

During the day, we can sell our brands, and in the evening, offer delightful cocktails for dinner.



We have encountered a problem - e-cigarettes face many restrictions on communication. The product cannot be advertised. However, this does not mean that U-POD shouldn't have a message.when everyone sells the same thing, people will gravitate towards someone who associates with the category.

Our task is to solidify the association with the best relaxation ever. In times of relaxation, people will think about U-POD.

In one of the in-depth interviews, we met Olya. They noticed that Olya was so busy from Monday to Friday that she did not notice life.

But "tomorrow" never comes. What are you waiting for?To relax, you shouldn't seek out difficulties. It's possible another way.

Anywhere and at any time, at a party, during lunch. And most importantly - you shouldn't wait.

So Olya inspired us with a message:

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